Feeling burnt out?


Hey all!

Do you ever have one of those days where you’re just tired? Like maybe you’ve even slept, but you’re still tired and just feel quite drained of energy?

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If so, you’re honestly not alone. Today just honestly felt like one of those days. I had every intention of being super productive and super energized and doing a lot! But after about an hour or two, I just crashed. Literally!

And I think we really can burn ourselves and not think about the effects of spreading yourself out too thin. Doing so many things, trying to fix this and that! While you’re going you feel like superwoman, juggling so much at one time, but eventually if you don’t look after yourself or watch it, you eventually just crash, and you’d have worn yourself out.

One thing that comforts me is that in the Bible we see Jesus taking a rest. He was asleep in the boat (Mark 4:38), He took time to rest at the well (John 4). Though He was saviour of all, and literally fully God, He was still fully man. And He shows us that sometimes you do need to rest, and take a break.

Not only can you feel physically burnt out, but emotionally burnt out too. Maybe you’ve been everyone else’s shoulder to cry on, but you’ve not actually had the time to deal through your own emotions. Maybe you’re so used to being the strong one, but now it’s taken its toll on you.

And finally you can actually feel spiritually burnt out. I know we’re not supposed to feel this way, and we’re always supposed to be knowing and feeling 100% in our spiritual lives. Nope.

I think Jesus knew when He said Matthew 11:28 ‘28 “Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest”‘ NIV. He knew that sometimes we can just feel tired, and exhausted and just needing a rest. Sometimes sleep won’t provide enough rest for us, when on the inside we’re pretty done out.

So some practical advice:

  1. Don’t spread yourself too thin – seriously. Like when you’re rolling pastry dough, you gotta know when to stop, before you’ve rolled it too much and now it’s breaking apart! Have methods of prioritisation, so instead of doing everything in one day and cramming, maybe spread things out as much as you can. What needs your urgent attention now, what can wait until tomorrow. (This is coming from a person who was up until 1am budgeting and doing Excel spreadsheets – could it have waited until morning? absolutely!)
  2. Get a decent amount of sleep. At a decent time too! You’re not doing yourself any favour by not resting at all, you’re not gonna function properly on a lack of sleep. So if you can, get into a habit of sleeping a good amount
  3. Pray, even when you don’t feel like it’s working. Honestly, just getting it off your chest and telling God how you’re feeling! It makes a world of difference. And remember, what we feel isn’t always the truth/ the reality, so maybe praying about things can help to put certain things into perspective.
  4. Talk to someone. God didn’t put us here to be alone, He gave us people around us, people who we can talk to, friends family. Just like Iron sharpens iron, so does a friend sharpen a friend. Sometimes you’re needing a good hug, or a good sharpening!
  5. Make time for God, and make time for yourself! This isn’t selfish just making sure for at least one hour a day you’re just resting or just doing something you enjoy. I know sometimes we can feel that way, but I promise, it’s healthy. Even if it means going outside for a walk, and just taking other phonecalls when you get back! You need to.

So, I hope this helps you.

Life won’t always be perfect, but a bad day doesn’t mean a bad life! Pick yourself up and keep on going. If it’s just been one of those days, then take the rest you may need, then tomorrow we get back up.

God bless you x

~Peace joy & love


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