Get to know the face behind the blog!


Hey guys, as ever hope you’re doing well.

I realised though I share my story, I haven’t really shared basics about myself! So as you know I’m a psychology student, and I love writing. But did you also know I’m just a little bit of a tea addict ! My parents will tell you I’ve loved tea even from a young age. My favourite colour (changes all the time but currently is teal), and my favourite animal is an elephant!

Now you know 3 more things than you did before!

So I asked Instagram followers to send me in questions that they wanted to find out about me and I’ve collated the answers into a video. I hope you enjoy my first video on here!

Q&A – get to know the face behind the blog

~ peace, joy & love


(P.s. my Instagram is also @TadiKativhu

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