Preach Jesus Everywhere [Feature Friday]


Hey guys, welcome back to another edition of Feature Friday. Today we have a fantastic Post from Keith. I won’t say too much, just read and enjoy!

Hello, my name is Keith, I’m the founder and CEO of Kingdom Citizen a brand that offers Christian clothing. I want to especially thank Tadi Kativhu for this opportunity to share on her platform, thank you so much for being patient with me.

Today I’m going to share on one of my favourite chapters in the bible John 1:11-13. This verse gives me strength when I am feeling low and reminds me that I am born of God, despite my fleshly birth and fleshly tendencies.

Whenever troubling things are happening in the world and people are fearful and confused, the verse reminds me that many people have and will continue to reject Jesus but God has given me mercy to know and understand his love for me.

Growing up I have always been in love with fashion, i recall times i would go into college and university wearing ripped t shirts and hoodies and people would laugh and joke saying “Did you fight a tiger this morning ?”. This would never phase me as I knew as time goes on this would become trendy and popular.

I never had a desire to study fashion but as I grew up in the faith and began evangelising I became interested in Christian clothing. I noticed however that there was still a market for Christian brands in the UK compared with the US where there is a lot of developed Christian brands.

In the summer of 2020, London was in lockdown and myself and my friend could not go out and evangelise, so I decided to evangelise through Christian clothing with my brand Kingdom Citizen.

When you think of PRADA, Gucci and Hugo Boss, these brands ensure that their merchandise is top quality because their personal name is carrying the brand. As human beings we only care for something when our name and reputation is placed on it. I believe we should put even more care on clothes that carry the name of Jesus.

Philippians 2:9 says “God has given Him a name that is above every name”, which means the name of Jesus is greater than the name Keith, Gucci, PRADA or any other brand.

God does not need to only be locked up in our hearts but also be shown through our fashion. Human beings feel cool and luxurious when they wear a well known brand,people should feel the same way when wearing a christian brand.

Since we are born of God, we should preach God through different forms, boldly and confidently. As christians we still reject christ when we miss an opportunity to speak or share about his love for us. To whoever is reading, continue testifying, speaking and declaring the love of christ boldly and confidently and do not be ashamed of the gospel.

Thank you so much for Keith for this piece, I’m going to share a few of their products! Website and new product line launches this April, until then follow their Instagram @kingdomcitizenfashion!

Have a great weekend,

Peace, joy & Love


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