Pray without ceasing

Hey guys, hope you’re doing well.

There’s one verse in the bible that used to take me a while to get my head round.

1 Thessalonians 5:17

“Pray without ceasing”.

Not that it’s anything overly complicated, but I would ask God, really? How could I possibly pray without ceasing. At times I can’t even find ten minutes to pray, never mind praying always!

Prayer is one of the most powerful tools we can have as a Christian. And sometimes we don’t even notice that, or realise it. A lot of us know that prayer is where we communicate with God. But do we know the power that prayer has?

Prayer allows us to establish communion and fellowship with God! Why? Because that’s how we communicate with Him.

The late Dr Myles Monroe once stated that ‘Prayer is Earthly permission for heavenly interference’, when we believe that God hears our prayers, and partner it with Faith, God hears us! Even when telling God our heart’s desires or what we may be thinking/planning, we acknowledge God through prayer. Even if it’s something as simple as ‘God I’m going to work today’

Prayer is the one place that you can be completely honest and open, and just let it all out. Jesus did! When He was in the Garden of Gethsemane, He was crying in prayer, letting God know how he was feeling! (Matthew 26:36-46). I think some of us need to take a page out of Jesus’ book, and just be honest, be vulnerable in prayer.

There’s times when everything get overwhelming, there’s times when we don’t understand things. I used to worry that when I’m praying I’m gonna say all the wrong things, but it’s better to talk to God, and just be honest and open and pour out. We tend to hurt ourselves even more by keeping it inside, perhaps moving like we have everything all together. Human beings may not see through it, your closest family, friends may not see through it. But God sees your heart, and He sees all what’s going on.

So what does praying without ceasing mean to me? It means praying whether things are good or bad. It means opening up and speaking to God, thanking Him, praising Him, crying to Him, talking to Him. It means not stopping that communication. It’s not always easy, and we might not always feel like we have the right words, but praying to Him anyway.

I hope this encourages you!

Have a great Friday, may God bless you x

~ peace, joy & love x


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