Your time will come!

Hey everyone! I hope you’re doing well and staying safe.

Today I just wanted to talk about time, and having patience.

Being patient is not an easy thing. As human beings instinctually we seek for immediate gratification, we don’t want things that may take us too long to wait around for. But we want to see things in the here and now.

Unfortunately life doesn’t work that way, neither does God.

Today I’m going to explore with you two characters in the bible, who had to endure a process of waiting.

1. Hannah (1 Samuel 1-2)

Hannah’s husband had two wives (Hannah and Penninah). However Hannah couldn’t have children, but her husbands other wife could. So Hannah had to wait and would cry to God year after year for a child. She had to watch another woman flourishing whilst she was still struggling.

2. Joseph (Genesis 37-50)

Joseph was put into prison for something that wasn’t even his fault! And when he was down there, he interpreted the dreams of two men and asked one of them “when you get out, please remember me”. Unfortunately the man forgot him. Joseph had to see those who were imprisoned after him be released before him. When they got out, they forgot about the one who helped and spoke to them.

What happened in the situations of both Hannah and Joseph tends to happen. Sometimes even though we may not have done anything wrong, in terms of sin, our prayers may be delaying to be answered.

There’s a popular phrase “delay is not denial”. Which is true! But on a transparent level, sometimes it feels that way, that maybe God doesn’t see me. Maybe God is only blessing others.

You can be happy for others and still be praying that God works in your situation.

You never hear of Hannah ever responding to Penninah’s provocations with anger. She knew where to take her prayers and questions.

When will I receive a job offer or promotion, God when will I receive a bit more money, better grades? God when will my miracle come.

Honestly, I think God sometimes allows us to see other people flourishing whilst we’re still waiting to see our hearts. If we will stop praying to Him, or if we will turn away and give up. Sometimes I think perhaps He does this to teach us patience and the act of waiting with a good attitude.

To be frank, I don’t have the answers, I can only encourage not to give up. When God has started a great work with you , He will see it unto completion. He never leaves you nor forsakes you.

Don’t grow jealous or angry or bitter. But continue to be happy for others, knowing one day your time will come. Knowing that God has a plan, and though it may not be on my time , He is still on time.

Keep seeking God. Keep knocking. Don’t give up, or lose hope!

Your day will come.

~ Peace , joy & love x


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