Daily reminder: you’re doing great! Keep on keeping on!


How often do you tell yourself “you are doing a good job!” Perhaps you’re a parent, a student, someone who’s working, we all need to hear it and perhaps not hear it enough.

When you think of a business, positive appraisals help boost morale and give confidence, and it works. However we’re so used to waiting to hear it from others, it might not sound good when we say it to ourselves.

But I want to remind you that you’re doing great. Life right now isn’t very easy, and the fact you’re still going right now, we thank God for that. Thank God for you.

Reminder !

I wrote this little reminder , to share to others and also to remind myself to keep going, and to keep doing my best.

I started the year wanting to be writing about 3-4 posts a week, sharing content a lot of the time, and since it hasn’t happened yet I was beginning to feel disappointed in myself. Just because I felt like I wasn’t doing good enough.

But after praying last night, I realised that I’ve been doing the best I could, when I could. There were days where it was harder to get out of bed. There were days where I felt super productive, others not so much. But I am learning to extend Grace. Learning that on the days that I’m able to really push myself, I do my best. But times when I needed to rest, I wouldn’t and won’t beat myself up about it. Why? Because human beings it’s okay to rest, we’re not machines who can keep going all the time.

So whether this time currently for you is juggling kids and working from home, or if you’re just finding the courage to get up in the morning , you’re doing your best, keep going. Nobody can ever ask you for anything more than that.

Perhaps today didn’t go the way you wanted, that’s okay, keep going, and don’t give up. Pray that tomorrow will be better by Gods grace.

This is a difficult and strange time for everyone, let’s remember to be kind to everyone, including ourselves ♥️.

God bless you,

Peace, joy & love

TK x

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