Be (and stay) Intentional!

Hello everyone! And welcome to our first post of 2021!

Firstly I thank God for all of you, again. Thank you for sticking with me and this little blog of mine, you’re appreciated.

(Please tell me I’m not the only one who has thought these first 10 days have felt like a month within themselves, I think it’s the cold weather lol)

Anyway! Into the post of today. I’m going to be talking about being and staying intentional, as you probably gathered from the title. What’s the meaning of the word ‘intentional’:

To do something on purpose and a deliberate action. The reason I’m talking about being intentional today is because we probably have written our goals and our resolutions, things we want to achieve etc for the year 2021, but we cannot work towards them without being intentional about it. Let me give an example. Say my goal is to be healthier this year. If I don’t intentionally, purposefully make an effort, to go out of my way, whether I feel like it or not, to work towards my goal, I’ll end up having another year of saying ‘I’ll try again next year’. Another example, this is my personal goal is to make sure I’m reading at least two chapters of my bible everyday. It sounds simple enough, but there are times where I may feel tired, or I realise I’m about to go to bed but I haven’t touched my bible yet.

There are going to be times you feel disheartened, there will be times you feel tired, or just start to slip on your consistency. But this year we have to purpose in our hearts to say that even if I don’t feel like it, I still will keep going. Deliberately make time for whatever it is you’re working towards. Be intentional with your actions.

If it’s working on being better in your character, or growing in your career, or in any area, think to yourself ‘what action am I taking in order to meet my goal?’. Even if the action is talking to someone, seeking guidance, researching. But in whatever you want to do, be intentional about it. Put in the effort that is needed. Make those decisions to stay focused.

Some practical tips you can do:

1. Write down what you want to achieve (in the long term)

2. Write down how you can break it up (weekly, daily chunks)

3. Give yourself encouragement , be it a pep talk in the mirror, or just a note to say keep going

4. Find someone who you can stay accountable , someone who can make sure you’re sticking to goals too.

5. Start! And keep going. Consistency is so important. Keep on ! Don’t just let your plan be on paper, but do it! Don’t just talk about doing it. Like the bible says we have to be doers of the word not just hearers. Put action behind it.

Let’s practice doing our best this year , one day at a time ! And if there’s a chance that maybe you’ve started to lose focus, don’t say in a slump but get yourself back up! Keep on going x

So I pray you have a great evening! God bless you ♥️.

~ peace, joy & love


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