The danger of comparison [Comparison kills]


Good afternoon everyone! We have made it into the final day of 2020. Can we just thank God for that! I’ve come to realise that one thing we need to leave behind in 2020 is comparison. This is just looking at your life compared to someone else. Perhaps feeling like your accomplishments don’t match other people’s, feeling like you’re not done ‘enough’. However that’s something that we are leaving and burying in 2020.

Why? Because often we can completely ignore 3 facts:

  1. You’re doing well, in your journey. Yes you may not have done certain things as quick as others, but you are doing well where you are. When you’re comparing yourself it’s like you’re reducing your accomplishments just because they don’t match other people’s. Let’s leave this mentality
  2. You aren’t on that other person’s journey. I would find myself comparing my life with those on social media. But in reality you don’t know how they got to where they are, your journey isn’t the same as theirs. Sometimes people may tell you bits and pieces on how they got to where they are, but you don’t know everything about their journey.
  3. People tend to show us what they want us to see. Like what I was saying above, you don’t know the ins and outs of everyone’s journey. People may show the success but won’t always show the blood, sweat and tears, the sleepless nights it took them to get there.

So whilst we can admire what people are doing and celebrate their successes, what we won’t do is look down upon ourselves. God has placed us individually on our own paths, and what we can do is learn from others, ask questions but still focus on the journey God has placed us on. Don’t worry about what others are and aren’t doing, because by worrying you’re not adding anything. Don’t let the devil steal your joy or your time!

Matthew 6:27 ‘Can any one of you by worrying add a single hour to your life?

I pray that this short post encourages you. You’re doing great! You’re not in competition with anyone, so don’t feel that way. Do the best according to your ability. When you look at the Parable of the talents, God gave them according to their ability. The one who was given 2 talents could have complained that he didn’t get given 5 like the other one, but he didn’t. The blessing was the same for the one who started with 5 and the one who started with 2. God gives us according to what we can handle and our ability. It’s not a competition, allow God to bless you where you are in your journey. You may miss out on the blessings going on by looking down on what you’ve been given.

May God bless you,

~ peace, joy & love x


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