2020 Reflection (part 2)


Hey guys! So last week we did part one of the 2020 reflection and I shared with you my template on looking over what I achieved this year and maintaining that for 2021! If you haven’t seen it yet, Check it out here

Anyway this week I wanted to focus on the things we maybe set out to achieve but we didn’t manage to. This is not to beat ourselves up, but so we can improve and do better 2021!

So once again I used my new found “skills” on Canva to create this template for reflection, just asking you questions to think about ! Once again it’s not to beat ourselves up but holding ourselves accountable to being intentional with what we want to achieve. I’ll start by sharing myself!

What is one thing I wanted to achieve but didn’t? For me I had wanted to read more of my bible this year. I did read it, but just not as much of as consistently as I had planned or desired to.

Was this in my control or due to external factors? (The reason I put this down is because some of us had goals to travel or to do certain things which were stopped due to the global pandemic. We can only fix what is in our control, but we can’t focus too much on what we can’t control). In my case ,however ,this was in my control!

How can I achieve this in 2021? My plan would be to stay consistent and focus on intentionality. Setting time and being organised, maybe having a routine. Joining with others to help stay accountable.

What can I learn from this? 2020 has taught me that consistency is key. And there are times you won’t feel like being consistent , but keep on going. And remembering why you started doing something too, helps keep you going. So I’ve learnt that sometimes I can be consistent for a short while, but distractions come. But in order to stay consistent I need to make the conscious effort! I can learn from this by not taking it as a failure but as a reminder to myself to stay focused!

Who can keep me accountable to this? Firstly the Holy Spirit! He is our reminder, and there are times I would get the urge to just pick up my bible and read. Secondly I have wonderful friends around me. And that can help in doing bible plans together, discussions too!

I hope these questions help you to reflect and I hope me sharing one of my goals also helps! I want to show you that even though we can be doing great in one area , we forget about staying consistent in other areas. But 2021, we can do great things. If we pray about it, and work towards it, trusting God that through Him you can do all things! ♥️.

I hope you have a wonderful Christmas Eve ! God bless you x

~ peace , joy & love x


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