2020: A reflection


Hey all! As we are nearing the end of the year, I just wanted to take a moment (and encourage you) to reflect. When we make New Years resolutions, we often don’t look at reflection on the previous year and take time to learn. But this year we’re doing things differently family !

So I was praying and making a list of what to even reflect on (a reflection to the reflection if you will lol). And I thought that I tend to dwell on what I did wrong, and the things I didn’t achieve. But I often forget to thank God for the things I did well and actually achieved.

I’ve been using my new found Canva app skills and created a template that you can use, to reflect on what went well! Experience is the best teacher and if we take time, we can definitely grab something that we learnt from this year.

Reflection list

I’ll share one area that went well for me this year: this blog! And to be specific , I managed to stay consistent with posting throughout this year.

How did I do this? – by being intentional, and also organising myself. There were times where I’d get like 3 words in one day , I’d write them all down, and then schedule them out, particularly when things were hectic. I read my Bible a lot more too!

How can I maintain this? – continue to be intentional, understand the reason why, and not to be discouraged when I get tired. Stay organised too! And most importantly , stay in the word of God!!

What did this teach me?- that it’s possible to stay consistent in the middle of being busy, but it takes me being organised! And prayer works!

Can I apply this method to something I didn’t achieve? – Absolutely! Intentionality is the key. To consciously put in that effort ! And I learnt it pays off. Again, organisation pays off and planning ahead of time. I could use this in a lot of areas.

So this week, take time to reflect, feel free to write in the comments too what you’ve learnt!

God bless you & have a great rest of your week x

~ peace , joy & love x


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