It’s not too late for you to start !

Hey guys. So the other night I just got a word and I thought I had to write it down before I forgot!


I shared this to my Instagram not even realising that I would be helping anybody at all. Until I got a message from a couple of people sharing how this helped them

The funny thing was in my head I had been stressing like God , everyone seems to be so far ahead maybe I’ve missed my time , maybe I’ve missed my chance to start on certain things. Or I don’t have enough time.

There’s a theory called Scarcity, and I learnt it in the psychology of economic decisions. Scarcity is the feeling of not having enough and it’s a subjective feeling. What may seem as so much to one individual , may be nowhere near enough to another. In the same time that I could be panicking thinking I’ve wasted so much time and I don’t have any time left, another person might view the same amount of time as “wow I still have some time left!”

There’s a necessity for us to change our perspective and see that God has given us a fresh start and a fresh day , and everytime you wake up, you can choose what you do with that day.

Don’t discourage yourself nor disqualify yourself from achieving. Don’t tell yourself its too late to start! Because it’s not. What you might think is so late, maybe God is saying you’re right on time.

Change your perspective and step out in faith! Maybe God gave you an idea that you’ve been sat on. Pray on it , the move towards it! Time is so precious and since you still have it, use it to the best of your ability. Don’t let fear stop you from going towards what God has called you to.

May God bless you! And fill you with the courage that you need to move forward in whatever He has set out for you. May He guide you and direct you. May faith stir up in your heart, and just like Peter, let your confident in who God is cause you to step out of the boat, a comfort zone ,even in the middle of a storm! In Jesus name! Amen 💕

God bless you!

Peace joy & love

~ TK

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