You don’t have to leave it too late to get help!


Hey guys! I hope you’re doing well. So, the other day I was talking to healthcare professional and I was wanting to find out what actually is private healthcare. Anyway one of the things that he said to me was ‘the best time to get a system in place is when you’re healthy’. And I thought that advice is really relevant, even with our spiritual lives.

I will be the first to say that when things are well and good, my consistency with prayer starts slacking. Reading the word goes lower down in my list of priorities and I just don’t feel the need in spending so much time in prayer, because things are good! (Which sounds so bad, and I know I’m not the only one) But the second things start to go left in life, you’ll see TK running to find where she put her bible, and bringing out the prayer book!

Yes, there is nothing wrong with running to God when you’re in times of trouble, that’s the place where you should be going! However, my encouragement is, it shouldn’t only be in times of trouble where you run to God.

Reading the word of God when things are going well, is like depositing money into a savings account. You’re depositing the scriptures, which you may need, and will come back to mind when things aren’t going so well. Praise Him on the mountain top! Worship Him in the valley!

Another encouragement about not leaving it until it’s too late to get help, is about your mental health. I watched a really important conversation with @Single_Season (I’ll link the full Instagram live below), she and psychotherapist Christine Goredema talked about the importance of getting help and counselling. You don’t have to leave it until a problem arises for you to go get counselling and therapy. Often there are patterns which are in your life, and therapy helps you to deal with them. This doesn’t take away the fact that you go to God. In fact the word of God encourages to speak, and confess to one another!

Snippet from the single season Instagram live! Full video:

So to round up my encouragement for the day !

Don’t leave it until too late to get help. Whether that’s just looking after your spiritual, physical or mental. Get into good practices, and healthy routines! Praying and Reading your Bible not only is good in the long term, but fuels you for the day ahead. God can prepare you and strengthen you ahead of times of troubles. Getting help for your mental health can help you get into good practices ahead of difficult times!

Thanks my Sunday encouragement!

God bless you !

P.s check out on Instagram “Single_season” for encouragement , about break ups, about recovering from hurt, relationships, marriage and everything in between – all through the word of God!

How do you keep yourself in healthy practices? Either in spiritual aspect, physical or mental? Comment below!

~ peace, joy & love !

TK x

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