Don’t be the barrier to your blessings !


Hey guys!! I hope you’re doing well and staying safe.

Today I just wanted to encourage you , about not being the block to your own blessing! Recently, I’ve been working on a book, it started as a seed, which I prayed over and I got like 3 words of confirmation. But for some reason I started off pumped and excited and wrote maybe one great chapter, then I just allowed myself to lose focus, and almost give up. Why? Because I had that thought, “who am I kidding? I’m not an author”. This is despite the fact that, I prayed about this, I got guidance, and I’ve got amazing people helping. But still, my mind was become the blockage. And I wonder how many of us, we’ve got an amazing idea, a seed but we refuse to water it, simply because we don’t have enough self belief.

I was reminded through all of this with the word of God. Jeremiah 29:11- “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”‬ ‭NIV‬‬

God knows his thoughts that He has for you, but do you ? Or better yet, do you believe them?

Do you trust that though it may not look like it, but His plan over your life will prevail? I always remind about the life of Joseph. Though he was given a dream, life wasn’t all that easy, but in the end it was fulfilled. But he never doubted what God placed within him. He spoke proudly about his dreams. Though he could’ve looked at himself and thought “this really isn’t me”. Even Mary, though she questioned that could this be, that she would carry the messiah, she put her questioning aside, and put Gods desire for her life first. Remember, God could’ve chosen anyone, but he chose you and called you for what He has placed within you.

Do you allow your mind to become the blockage for what you truly could be? What God has called you to be?

Are you going to

Gods plan and promise over you?

So, don’t look down on yourself. Don’t think less of yourself. You were created for such a time like this! (Esther 4:14), DONT let your mind and self doubt be the blockers to what God wants to do through you! Trust Him! Trust that He has seen your past, and knows your future, and is there with you right now! You are more than enough. You can do more than you even give yourself credit for.

Let the voice of faith conquer the voice of fear!

God bless you ♥️.

~ peace, joy & love

TK x

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  1. Faith'sPen says:

    God bless you, too.


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