Consistency not Complacency (the key to maintaining what you have achieved)

Hey lovelies! Hope you’re doing well.

So, at the start of the year/ back end of last year I prayed to God for like a word for the year or something to focus on this year and I got the word consistency. Ive spoken a little about consistency in a couple of my previous posts, which you can check out. Consistency and Mid-year review.

Okay, so today I wanted to talk about complacency. This is pretty much when you have smug/proud satisfaction about your achievements and you don’t see fault in those areas, nor are you willing to change those areas.

Sometimes what can happen is that when we have gotten something that we have wanted, maybe we got that dream job, or we’ve reached our desired weight, or maybe you’re in a loving relationship or friendship. But we stop doing the things we did to get there.

One of the dangers in this is that you can end up going right back where you started. For example, let’s say you used to date your husband or wife, do all these lovely things to try win her heart. You would buy her flowers, or text him often to say I love you. But now that you’re in the stable marriage, aside from other responsibilities you’ve become complacent in that area, and no longer consistently treating that significant other in the way you used to, all because you may think “I’ve got her now, why do I have to?”.

Another example could be when you first started a job, you would work so hard to do well, arriving on time, being friendly with others, you wanted a promotion so you were putting in so much effort. But now you’re there you no longer keep consistent with what you were doing, because you’ve become satisfied with that achievement, you don’t care about putting in more effort or sustaining that effort you first put in.

A final example, which happened to me, is the gym one I mentioned previously. This is where maybe you were working hard and ate well , and you did all you could to reach that desired weight. But when you got there, you no longer maintained but got complacent, because you reached that goal. And unfortunately you can end up spiralling right back to where you started.

Does this mean you need to be over critical of yourself? Not at all. But take note of the good things that you did in the beginning of whatever journey it is. Are you still doing the same amount of effort or the same amount of work that you first did? Or have you become just satisfied with the fact you got there, that you no longer see the need to work or put any effort?

How do you stop this from happening?

– evaluate your goals once you have achieved them!

– make a conscious effort

– ask others for areas of improvement !

– don’t give up , you owe it to yourself to stay consistent and maintain that which you worked hard for!

God bless you ♥️

~ peace, joy & love


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  1. Farai Daka says:

    👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿love this

    Liked by 1 person

    1. TK says:

      Thank you so much for your comment. God bless you ♥️


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