It doesn’t feel like it’s working… [trust the process]

Hey guys! Hope you’re doing well.

There are often times where we’re working, and working, and we’re not seeing the results. I remember going to the gym, expecting to have put on some muscle weight after the first day of working out. And it should’ve been no surprise that I didn’t see the results straight away! Or even the next week either.

But I had to learn that just because I don’t see the results straight away doesn’t mean it’s not working, and doesn’t mean you should stop. Why? Because there is a purpose for what you’re doing.

One example of this is prayer. There are times when you can pray and God can answer you, almost instantly, it feels like you’ve got it. However, most times it doesn’t always feel that way. Hannah prayed and prayed for a child for years, and it seemed as though Peninnah was doing better than her, God had a greater plan at just the right time. (1 Samuel 1)

We’re in a culture which desires overnight success or overnight “blowing up”, “going viral”, however some of these things are ‘easy come and easy go’. My encouragement is to trust the process. When you’re praying and though it may feel like results aren’t coming quick enough, keep on praying. When you’re working hard, to get to your goal, and it may seem that everyone else is doing so well, and your time hasn’t come yet! Don’t stop, and don’t give up.

I always say this but continue to focus on your face, rather than everyone else’s paths, because they’re trying to make it too. Life is not a race, but a marathon, and though your story may look different with other peoples, that doesn’t mean any less of yours.

I once heard someone say, when creating a diamond, there’s extreme pressure that’s applied and over time that’s when it becomes the diamond. Sometimes we may even go through difficult times, or longer times. But you have no idea what God wants to do with your life.

So don’t give up! Keep on going.

~ peace , joy & love

TK ♥️

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  1. Faith'sPen says:

    Seeing God’s purpose in the midst of silence can be daunting, especially when we need quick answers.

    That’s the reason faith is required to trust God in the process. God doesn’t play games.

    Knowing God is interested in my life assures me of a glorious end.

    I love your last line:

    ‘You have no idea what God wants to do with your life.’

    I ain’t giving up or giving in.

    Thanks for this piece.

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    1. TK says:

      Yes! Absolutely. And I love what you’re saying that God is interested in your life. We sometimes can forget that, He’s our father and He cares for us.
      Thank you so much for your comment and for reading. May God bless you and have an amazing day. ♥️♥️


      1. Faith'sPen says:

        God bless you, too.🥰


  2. Tiffany says:

    Lovely post .
    Patience is a virtue.
    It’s also a skill that needs to be practiced everyday.Sometimes we can feel entitled,like we deserve something because we have do A or B … just like pressure applied over time births a diamond, Patience applied over time can produce a great outcome.Think of the story of King Joseph , what he went through before earning title KING.He was patient with the process God was taking him through..

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    1. TK says:

      Yes! Absolutely ! Especially the party where you’ve said “it’s a skill that needs to be practiced everyday”


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