Mid-year review !


Hey everyone! I hope you’re doing well.

So, how has 2020 been for you so far?

And now we’ve probably all said something along the lines of “really bad, let’s just restart the year, not great”. Which is absolutely fair enough.

But I want to now ask , how have you been this year?

What have been your challenges you’ve overcome, what have been the good things you’ve achieved? What have you done well, and what have you learnt ?

This is our mid-year review!

I’ve spoken before about reflecting (on a previous post: TK turns 21! A moment of reflection) – there’s an importance of taking time to sit and to think about what you as an individual have been feeling, and to think about what you have achieved.

In the light of reflection, I would start something and I’d love to hear your view in the comments too. Every year most of us write resolutions and goals and things that we want to achieve. Be it have so much money in your savings, lose or gain weight, start a new career, or launch your business. But it tends to be around February March time, we slip and slowly forget our resolutions, however, not this year! But as we are in the middle of the year (I know, already!!), you can do a mid year review of your goals that you may have set in the beginning of the year.

It’s okay to set your resolutions but it’s important to review and reflect what has worked, why things haven’t worked, what you can do to improve or what you need to let go of, building healthy habits!

Or you can use this time to reflect and look at how your year is going, and how are you doing!

So I’ll start. At the start of the year I said my word of the year is consistency! (I even wrote a post and created a lovely image for it. That’s how much I was wanting to stay consistent 2020)

I told myself to stay consistent with my writing and posting, consistent with my prayer life, reading the bible daily, consistent in building healthier habits.

Well the blog and writing part, I’ve actually managed to stay consistent in writing at least one post a week. And , I’ve actually managed to stick to that. Which I’m really happy about. It’s not been easy, and I’ll admit in February I didn’t do as much as I wanted (honestly speaking I actually didn’t write anything this February), but since then, I’ve stayed consistent with writing , which I can give myself a pat on the back for.

Prayer life, has been getting better! And also reading the bible more often. I made it like a vow or like a routine that the first thing I look at is the bible. So opening it up on my phone, reading a chapter or listening to audio bible. It really does help because if the first thing I see is news or like , one text, it can set your mood for the entire day, and not always in a positive way. So I make sure that the first thing and the last thing of my day is reading the bible. And praying. I also had to learn that we don’t find time , but we make time. Time is always there. It’s just how we use it really. This really has helped. With prayer I’ve made sure to join with others even online, which has also helped stay consistent, I found that accountability leads to better consistency.

Other things which I’ve learnt so far

1. Change comes, but we have to adapt to it. Ride the wave before it rides over you.

So I went through different times, where situations around me were changing, and I felt overwhelmed and wasn’t sure how to deal with the change, so I shut down. However, it’s better to adapt in the best way, changing your routine to fit into the new situation , rather than not doing anything at all.

2. Control what you can, and don’t stress over what you can’t. And with this, taking things to God first before I start to worry.

Proverbs 3:5-6 from the Passion Translation: Trust in the Lord completely, and do not rely on your own opinions. With all your heart rely on him to guide you, and he will lead you in every decision you make. Become intimate with him in whatever you do, and he will lead you wherever you go.” Proverbs‬ ‭3:5-6‬ ‭TPT‬‬

3. Don’t give up! Maybe you haven’t been as consistent with your goals , or given up on them altogether, but it’s never too late to start again, or to pick up and keep going!

So , I hope you find time to review your year so far, look at what has gone well so far and actually give yourself credit where credit is due. every opportunity you can, look at it as a learning opportunity.

I pray that God blesses you, and that you have a good start to the week ! ♥️

My verse of the week : proverbs 3:5-6

– peace, joy & love


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