Give me my roses, whilst I can still smell them. (Appreciate).

I’ve heard this phrase recently “give him/ her her roses” or “”give me my roses”.

So for a while I was just thinking, does everyone just love flowers a lot? But I was reading in and it was more of, give me my roses whilst I can still smell them. When someone passes away, we give them flowers and speak of how great they were, but it only gets done once someone passes.

Today, we are talking about appreciating now, before it’s too late.

I’ve not really been to many funerals in my life, I’ve seen quite a number of beautiful memorial services, and I’ve always loved hearing how much people loved that individual, how they’ve been helped by them, what sort of an impact they had. It’s wonderful.

However, I’ve always wondered – did that person know how loved they were, and how appreciated they were? Did they know how much of an impact they made whilst they were still alive?

Unfortunately, some of the time people don’t even get recognised for how valuable they are until they’re gone, which is so sad, but it happens without us even realising.

I just want this to be a wake up, or just a reminder, that If someone means something to you, tell them. If someone has helped you, thank them. If someone has impacted your life, tell them whilst they can hear it. Give them the roses that they can smell, give them the thanks that they can hear. Why? Because often we don’t even realise the impact we have on other people’s lives, and if we’re helping people, we may think maybe I’m not doing much, or think to give up. But knowing that you mean something to someone? That’s precious. Knowing you’re appreciated and not taken for granted, that’s so important.

Don’t leave it until someone is gone, not even just passing away, but even just leaving to go somewhere else, for you to realise “oh I wish I had said…” oh they were really important. Don’t take for granted the small things, but be grateful for each and every single person in your life. Say thank you, as often as you can. Tell them your appreciation.

Life is so short, but is so precious. Love as hard as you can. Love as long as you live ♥️.

~ peace, joy & love

TK x

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