In the middle Part 2 [word on a Wednesday]


Hey everyone !

So last week I wrote a post called in the middle, and I spoke about how In life we are not promised to not go through hard times, thatbut we are assured that God is with us and he will never leave us nor forsake us. 

When I was reading in Matthew 14:22 – 33, is that Jesus actually did a miracle, in the middle of that storm. Let’s take a look, when Jesus met them when their storm was in the middle of the sea, their boat was being tossed about by the winds and the waves. When Jesus came to meet them in the middle, walking on the water, after greeting them and telling them to have good cheer and not be afraid, Peter said, “if it is you command me to come out onto the water”. And peter walked on the water.

The storm had not finished, yet Peter still watch on water. Therefore I want to encourage us that even in the middle of a storm, is even in the middle of a hardships, God can still perform miracles. He doesn’t just work when things are good, or just when things are bad. It is not based on the circumstances of what’s going on around physically, but God looks at your faith. He looks at your heart. If you have always have expected heart, even in the middle of your storm knowing that God is there, great things can still happen. You might be in the hardest times, but God can still work miracles. He can still use you even when you don’t feel you have enough or things don’t look to be working in your favour.

The widow of Zarephath , in 1 kings 17:8, she had little to eat, her and her son were about to starve, they only had a little left. Her circumstances were showing she didn’t have. She was in a hardship, but that didn’t stop God from working a miracle. Because her heart was willing, she ended up giving food to Elijah and then her flour didn’t finish nor did her oil jars run dry.

Therefore, the presence of a storm doesn’t mean the absence of God. He is still working wonders and great things can still happen. Even when this whole world can feel to be going bad. But having an expectant heart. Be willing to step out of the boat.

Peter, stepped out, though he sank, but he still had that small faith to step out of the boat. Because he knew whom he was going towards. He knew that Jesus was around him.

So this is my encouragement to you today ♥️. Have faith! God is still in the business of working miracles.

God bless you

~ peace, joy & love x


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