Whatever He says, do it [Word on Wednesday]

I had just opened my bible?l, just before going to bed – and I opened it onto the scripture John 2:1 and it’s the story of the wedding in Canaan, the one where Jesus turns water into wine.

The first scripture that jumped out to me was when Jesus’ mother mary tells the servants “whatever He says to you, do it” (verse 5).

I was just thinking, when Mary said this to the servants she had complete faith in whom Jesus was, because it was told to her before He was born of her. Though He had yet to do miracles, she still understood who He was. She came with a problem that wasn’t even hers, and she told the servants to obey whatever Jesus said to them. Now, Jesus could have told them anything! They probably thought he was strange when He told them to fill up the water pots with water, when the problem was a lack of wine. But , they still obeyed. They listened even when it sounded like it was the complete opposite of what they asked for.

My encouragement to you all today is that, if there was something you wanted, but God presented you with something that seemed completely opposite to what you asked for, would you obey? Because the servants were talking about a lack and a need they had. Not having wine would look shameful for the masters. Instead of Jesus just giving them wine straight away, they still had to exercise belief by filling up the water pots with water. As I said before, literally the opposite of what they needed right now!

However, obedience means listening to what God says to you and doing it. This may mean that we don’t just go for the first job offer that looks good, because maybe God has something greater. This may mean serving God in ministry in the background, even though you really want to be on the main stage.

For me, this scripture came to me at a time of high anxiety, the stress of the exam that was happening the next day was getting to me. So I heard a calming in my Spirit “if I say do not worry, (about anything), will you obey?” And I was confused. Because, how could I just stop worrying when there’s a lot to worry about , but obedience to Him means following even when it makes no sense the reasons why. But sometimes it’s a trust issue. (Maybe I’ll talk about this more another day). Trust in God, and obey.

So, If He tells you, will you obey?

Whatever He tells you, do it.

Thank you for reading. God bless

~ peace, joy & love

TK ♥️

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