Lessons in lockdown [Feature Friday! Ft Vmedleen]

So I’ve really wanted to get involved with a lot blogs and interact with creatives! So I thought to put into fruition this idea of a feature friday!

It’s just every Friday (and I’ll try keep this up!), to get involved and interact with other people and share about their page, maybe get some inspiration from them !!

So first post is by Victoria! Who is a blogger, I found on Instagram and twitter, lovely girl, and also gives great studying advice

Victoria’s LockdownLessons ♥️. – click here to read and check out her lovely blog x

“Hello my name is Victoria and I’m 22 years old. I’ve loved writing for a long time, I’ve written two collections of poetry and I’ve always tried to start up a blog but struggled to remain consistent. I use my as a way of articulating my thoughts and opinions on the things around me. I mainly produce lifestyle and self-care posts, as well as reviews but I’m really passionate about beauty, film, TV and mental health.”

Go and have a read and check out her blog post, it’s great!

So I was really inspired by her post , to write down a couple of lessons I have learnt during lockdown.

1. God is still good, even when life doesn’t feel it

God doesn’t wait for things to get better before he starts working. He does wonderful works in the middle of the storm! He can do great things even when life isn’t so great, God still is.

2. You can always find a way to be kind .

I realised that checking up on people, I may not even be calling, but just to text. Or even just helping a course mate, checking in on an neighbour. There’s daily ways that you can be kind. Even when I feel I’m too busy to do a lot, there’s something I can do.

3. Asking for help, and being open to receiving help.

Honestly speaking, it can sound very repetitive, but we find it hard to do, so we have to keep reminding ourselves every-time , and being open to receiving help! In a time like this it can be hard to open up and express how you’re feeling,

4. Being kind to yourself , DAILY!

Please please please, we can only give out what we have, so please take the time to look after yourself. If it’s looking out of yourself by having an hour undisturbed everyday, please do so! If it means getting rid of your social for a while. Do what you need to do to look after yourself !

5. Stay happy, as much as you can! And as much as you can control. Protect your peace, at all cost!♥️.

Thank you so much for reading, and I pray you have a good weekend! And please check out Victoria’s blog too !

~ peace, joy & love

TK x

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