Don’t despise your start – humble beginnings

Good morning / afternoon / evening (depending on where you are in the world!) I hope you’re safe and well.

This is just a quick post, just a daily bit of inspiration, from me to you. Sharing what I’m learning myself! 

I just want to talk about beginnings.

Maybe you’re just starting out in a skill, or you’ve just started a new job. Maybe you’ve just launched a new business, or have just began on a new endeavour. But you’re at the beginning of a journey, whether that’s motherhood, or you’re finally putting that business or creative idea into something tangible. 

Before I say anything, well done to you. 

I want to share specifically on the topic ‘Do not despise your start’. Don’t despise your beginnings, as little as they may be. 

Why am I sharing on this specifically? It’s often easier to undermine your success, when you’re comparing by the standard of what other people have achieved, or even what you ‘think’, you should have achieved by now. The reality is, you are where you are, and that’s okay. Specifically speaking from personal experiences, when I first started this blog, I was just a bit down because I wasn’t getting very many views, and I didn’t seem to be reaching a lot of people, despite just starting. And I think ‘by now’, I should’ve been somewhere. So and so had a great start up or just blew up overnight.

It’s always easy to compare ourselves where we are to where other people are. However, your journey is just beginning, whereas other people may be a few years into that area. 

And even if they’re at the same level, their journey is different to yours. And realise, that’s OKAY! It really is okay. 

First of all, the fact you’ve started something, you should be proud of yourself, as some ideas never get put into fruition, even in someone’s life they may have never reached or done what they wanted to do, which is a shame. There’s a quote by Les Brown, which talks about a graveyard being the ‘richest place on earth’.

Les Brown Quote On Determination | Les brown quotes, Les brown, Quotes

Why I’m placing this quote is to remind you that you’ve started, which is an amazing first step, because some have had the intention to start, but never the courage to get going. So, be proud of yourself.

Secondly, don’t spend too long comparing yourself as I said in the beginning. It’s better to look at others only to praise what they’re doing, and to get inspiration/ask them for advice. Not to look down at where you are, and not be happy with what you’ve achieved. 

Thirdly, don’t stop now that you’ve started. Don’t stop, be consistent in whatever you do, keep on going, even when things aren’t easy, or there may be times where you feel like you don’t want to do it anymore. Don’t stop. Keep on going! You’ve taken that first step, so it’s time now to keep putting one foot in front of the other and keep taking it one step at a time. 

And this is an encouragement to anyone else reading this. If you’ve come across this, know that it’s no accident you’re here. Let this be your little push to get started. Get writing that book which has been in your drafts, start that blog, that youtube channel, that podcast or webpage. Just get the ball rolling! Sometimes we may not have the means to do all that we want, like financially, but even sharing your idea with someone who can help, you can collaborate, or get what you need. 

Thank you so much for reading and taking the time out of your day! 

I hope you’re happy, safe and well. 

God bless you x 

~ peace, joy & love. 



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