A letter to future me.. [Lockdown Diaries Part 2]

So I got the idea, after watching an advert about writing a letter to you in six months time. It’s a way of getting to grips with what’s going on, being honest with yourself about how you’re feeling, and then giving yourself a little bit of hope, and looking to the future.

I just wanted to share with you, the one I did to myself, and encourage you to maybe do something similar!

I hope you’re well, happy and safe, so yes! Enjoy x

 6th May 2020

Dear TK,

How are you?

It’s been a whirlwind, it really has. It’s been a roller-coaster of emotions through all this. There have been good days, where motivation has been high and it’s been great, but it’s also been hard at times, going through days where I’ve not been able to do much, and juggling home-life, and work-life and staying happy has been difficult. There’s a lot going on in the world right now, and it’s hard to see a way out of it, so I hope that when you’re reading back on this towards the end of the year, things have improved.

It’s  not all been bad, there’s been some rays of sunshine. Well, firstly, the sun has been gorgeous some of these days. And having the time at home to sit out in the garden and enjoy it has been wonderful. I hope you remember how wonderful it has been to spend more time with the family, almost making up for lost time when you were abroad. Oh, and the amount of food eaten (and the extra kg’s put on), it’s been great.  You actually talked more to people, and had deeper conversations, and managed to make friends on the course, even whilst being far away. So there’s no distance on friendship.

Everyone has really stepped up, whether it’s people appreciating our NHS more, or just neighbours really standing and helping each other out. It’s been nice. With church, there’s been a lot more activity, surprisingly, now then ever before.  Pretty much every day of the week, there’s been a huge amount of choice of what you can tune into. So, there’s been some good to come out of this. And people have gotten so creative with the way they’re spending time, it’s amazing. Seeing lots of painting, decorating baking (literally there’s one time where there was no more flour, yeast and baking products in the shops because everyone has been baking!)

I hope you remember how much you’ve learnt and grown as an individual. You learnt how to adapt to unprecedented circumstances, and figure out how to get on with it whilst looking after yourself. You’ve learnt the importance of checking up on family, friends, neighbours, and doing more for the community. You’ve learnt what it’s like working from home and staying motivated, and just doing work, even when you don’t feel like it.

It’s sad, missing friends and loved ones, and daily life before this period. I hope you appreciate spending time with those you love. And hugging them just a little bit tighter. I hope you say yes a little more to spending time with people, go for coffee and meet face to face more often, not just behind the screen. Just being around those you want to be around more, because there was a time, right now we’re in a time where that isn’t possible. Gratitude and appreciation has been the key, so I pray it stays with you.

I hope all is well in the world right now, and things will always get better.

Peace, joy & love



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