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Hey guys! And welcome back (or welcome if you’re reading for the first time!)

So, this post was inspired by watching a wonderful Ted talk (I’ll put the link), which was sharing about the importance of loving yourself, and prioritising that before a romantic relationship.

One important thing which I want to talk about today is loving yourself where you are, and as you are!

When we look for something in life, we want the finished product, we often don’t like the process, but we want to seek something which has been completed and perfected. Which makes sense in some contexts, such as not wanting half a car but a full car.

But in other contexts, such as choosing our potential partners, choosing how we love others and importantly, loving and accepting ourselves, we can’t always apply the same principle.


Human beings aren’t rocks. We’re always changing. We’re continually growing and evolving and becoming newer versions of ourselves daily.

Also, we’re not angels. We fall sometimes, we may be in bad places, and those bad times may last for a little bit. We may be enduring hard or difficult seasons. But if we wait until things get better to love ourselves, or for us to be better in school, or better looking or at our desired weight before we choose to love ourselves, we will be constantly striving and almost never satisfied. And it’s us who suffer as a consequence.

Self love often has the connotations of being cheesy and just a generic thing, which is spoken of. However, truly loving yourself is still loving yourself despite you not being happy with the circumstances surroundings. It’s knowing that I’m not yet at my desired stage, but I still love myself right where I am. It’s intentionally making the choice to not focus constantly on my flaws , but to see my strengths where I am, and to build on that.

In marriage vows they say “for better for worse”, and if we’re willing or wanting to give that level of commitment to others it’s important to also give that to yourself. That despite the fact that I’m not in the best place, and I’ve made mistakes, I love myself and forgive myself and continue to aim higher. It’s taking yourself and patting your back when sometimes nobody is there. It’s being proud of your achievements, even if all you’ve managed to do is to get out of bed! It’s knowing that despite how I’m feeling, I’m loved.

Self love, and loving yourself isn’t just a face mask and a cute tumblr quote, but it’s also the difficult stuff too. Making the intentional effort to look after yourself and just as you would do to others when they’re not at their best, in sickness or in heath, for richer for poorer, loving yourself. Right where you are. Not waiting until a certain point to love yourself . But right where you are.

Finally learning to love yourself as you are isn’t easy, it takes strength and accepting the flaws. And learning to love them anyway. It can mean wanting better than what you’ve allowed yourself to have seen, it might mean being vulnerable and open too.

It’s not always easy, but it’s worth it!

You don’t have to wait to love yourself. You deserve all the love you can give too! Just as you are.

I hope this message helps you, encourages you.

God bless ♥️

~ peace, joy & love.


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  1. Love this! A message a lot of people need to read 😘✨

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    1. TK says:

      Thank you so much for reading and commenting ! ♥️


  2. Tatenda says:

    Thank you for these wise words Tadi ❤️

    Liked by 1 person

    1. TK says:

      Thank you for reading and for the comment! ♥️♥️. Appreciated


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