Lockdown diaries [1]

Good afternoon !

So I decided on writing down about my lockdown experiences after like my third breakdown in two days. So, I thought it would be good to share, just to support others as we’re all in a tricky situation right now, and to encourage each other too.

Today I wanted to share that we can’t always do it all. And that we have to take this one thing at a time.

I was trying to juggle and multitask about four or five different tasks, trying to listen to my lecture, whilst trying to help a friend on the phone, also trying to help my sister with her work, and also plan tomorrow. It was a lot, and sometimes if you’re trying to do too much, you’re struggling to do well on each individual task, and just overwhelming yourself until you break. Ever experienced that?

I ended up internally screaming that there’s only so much I can do at one time, and I had to pull myself to the side to take a minute to breathe. Anyway from everything, and just take a moment to myself. Away from the phone, away from work, and everyone. Just a minute to actually inhale and exhale and cry.

Often we put so much pressure on ourselves and we’re trying to put as much on our plate, as we think we can fit, but sometimes it’s just a bit too heavy. Imagine putting so many drinks on a tray, it may look like it fits, but will it work and are you able to carry it? Most likely not. It’s probably gonna drop on the floor, and make a mess. So it’s better to carry a few at a time, so it all doesn’t end up being a huge spill of broken glasses.

My point is that, if you’re struggling to do a so many things at once, then maybe it’s time to change your approach. Some tasks require your full attention so trying to split one of those tasks, you won’t be giving your best.

For my lecture and also trying to help my sister, I had to do one at a time, and not both at the same time. And focusing one at a time get things done quicker actually!

There’s other things that I can do, in the meanwhile which doesn’t require my cognitive effort. So, if I had put washing in the washing machine, that’s fine I don’t need to worry about that for an hour, and I can get on with other stuff that I need to do.

I’ve also learnt that just asking for help and being honest that you’re struggling to handle everything at once is so important. Sharing the load out if you can. Or sometimes there’s not much help that you can get with everything, but at least talking about how you’re feeling is important.

So far this week, I’ve learnt take it one thing at a time and do what you can. Remind yourself that you’re doing a good job and you’re trying your best, and that’s all anyone can ask of you and you can ask of yourself. You might not always get that external “well done” or “good job”, unfortunately. But you’re seen and you’re appreciated. Remind yourself that and appreciate yourself. Reward yourself once in a while. And take a break, if you’re able to spend a little bit of time watching a film, sitting in your garden, if chocolate is your thing, or just playing sims.

Remind yourself you deserve to take a break and give time to yourself.

We might not always get it right first time, but we’re doing our best, and taking it one day at a time !

Thank you for reading! Please, share any tips on how you’re balancing and managing , and just let me know also how you’re doing this lockdown period too.

– I hope you’re doing well, and your families and friends too. Stay safe, stay happy, stay home and stay healthy.

~ peace, joy & love.


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