Power in potential

Every single human being has something within them. There is a potential within them. Whether or not they’ve chosen to use it, utilise it, ignore it, or use it for the wrong things – every human being has the potential to be great.

Often we look at someone, in a bad stage of their life, maybe their business hasn’t taken off, maybe things aren’t going well financially, maybe they’ve hit a rough patch and are in a low place or their lives.

But more times than not, we take a snapshot of someone’s life, and decide that ‘this person won’t amount to much’, or look at someone’s background, upbringing and think, ‘nothing good will come from that’.

I look at Jesus, and people questioned about Him as they asked if anything ‘good comes out of Nazareth’. John 1:46.

Sometimes it can be ourselves and our own self perspective. We look down at our circumstances or even our family history. One can think that because my parents marriage failed I’ll never have a good marriage. Or, Nobody in my family was ever good at much, neither will I be good at anything. That’s not true !

We can limit our own potential by not seeing past the right now. Yes we all have different circumstances, but where you are is not where you’ll always be.

And this isn’t dependent on age either. Your passion may be revealed at age 76, or age 16. You’ll find what you believe you were put on this earth to do.

We all might not be the huge celebrity story of rags to riches, but knowing that you could’ve come from a poor background and you’ve made it to a point where you’re also supporting someone else, and you’re helping others, that’s amazing!

So, how do we limit ourselves?

our speech. We often can say negative things about ourselves and start professing that we won’t amount to much. And this has two problems, you can create a self-fulfilling prophecy, and become what you say you’re going to become. So instead of speaking negative over yourself, speak good things. That you’ll have a good job. That you’ll be the first person to graduate in your family. That you can!

what we aim towards. Sometimes we aren’t willing to just try, and aim higher because we’ve already decided that we’re not good enough. But if you do aim high, apply for that job, there’s no harm in trying. At all! If you don’t get past the interview stage, you can get feedback and grow yourself, thus you’ve benefitted yourself! But if you never aim higher, you’re limiting yourself only to what you see and what think you can achieve. So, don’t be afraid to aim higher.

we don’t allow ourselves to hope or dream. A pastor once said it doesn’t cost a thing to hope. We might have gotten to the point of no longer allowing yourself to dream big too! So if it means drawing your vision down, having a mood board or a vision board! Dream big!

we focus too much on the negative voices – we may have these negative thoughts or we listen to those who say that you’ll never do much. Continue to focus on what’s constructive and if it’s positive thank for the help! And don’t focus too much on them.

This also applies to how we speak to others too. Don’t always be critical of people and see them as just nothing more than their current situation.

We all have different callings and we all have different strengths and weakness. But also we all have the potential to be great, in what we do. You have no idea how you could make a difference in this world. This could mean that you, could have the potential to be a great teacher – helping young people not be limited by their circumstances either, but pushing them to do their best.

So, that’s my encouragement today. When you see another individual, don’t look down on them. There can be great potential within them, and with the right drive, encouragement, support and help with resources – you have no idea who that someone can turn out to be.

Be kind, and use your words kindly wherever you can. Don’t look down on others, but don’t look down on yourself either. But identify where you’re strong, and in which area. You may not be strongest in academia, but you could be really talented in being a chef, or have a good eye for room design.

And especially teachers, leaders, if you’ve seen that someone is gifted in an area, encourage them!

Thank you so much for reading, and have a great start to the week. I hope you’re happy, safe and well.

God bless you – stay safe x

~ peace , joy & love


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