Good morning / evening or afternoon (depending where you are in the world!). I hope you’re doing okay.

Today I’m sharing about balance and particularly – finding that balance. Working from home, and our whole usual lives and routines pretty much being on a standstill at this time, I’ve surprisingly found it hard to create a balance. It sounds strange because we’re at home with lots of time, however without our usual routine and structure to our day, it may be difficult to balance still working productively , having time for family, for friends, for yourself, and exercising and staying healthy too! And yes although we have time, we may sorbs too long on the resting part we’ve not balanced enough time for the work part. Or we’ve spent too long on the work we’ve forgot the spending time with friends and catching up. It’s quite easily done!

If this does apply to you, please know you’re not alone at all! And this may not even apply to this lockdown period. Maybe it’s just in daily life too, I would find myself maybe spending a lot of time studying to the point it’s been three days since I’ve taken a break or just spent time not doing work. Often if you don’t find a good enough balance that suits you, you’ll burn out!

So I just wanted to share ways that I’ve managed to figure out a balance too when it comes to managing everything. Hopefully at least one or two of these can be helpful to you !

1. Prioritise. Let’s say you have a deadline at the end of the week, maybe highlighting that at the top of your to do list, and making sure that’s a priority, but still know that it’s okay to prioritise your health and you time too! Also, please prioritise getting a decent meal and good nights sleep too, your body needs it.

2. Figure out how you work best. So for others having two days fully dedicated to the work they have to do, then the other days it’s more focused on relaxing. Personally I prefer little and often , so it might be two hours a day , Monday to Friday, of work. Making sure I’m still doing what I need to do, but finding a balance with other things.

3. Set times/ mini timetable or routine. Human beings we are creatures of habit and when we’re out of our usual routine , it can throw our system off. So in order to readjust, you can always make a new routine. It doesn’t have to be rigid but something that you can follow. It’s a stressful time, but having your friends to catch up with, is always a benefit. Maybe scheduling a weekly session for ‘coffee’, which can just be you and your friend every Monday at 11am. That way, you’re still socialising, but you’ve got back into a little routine again still! Even just dedicating your early mornings for time for prayer. It can help!

4. Set achievable goals. If you know you can’t call every single member of your family and sort out the laundry and sort out your deadline and you also have to do a hundred other things, spread it out. Create achievable daily goals

5 Don’t be too hard on yourself. Often if we’ve created a huge to do list we beat ourselves up if we haven’t done it. Sometimes it may just have been one of those days. However you can try again tomorrow. You can always reshuffle things too!

6. Don’t wear yourself too thin. You know when you’re trying to balance something, you have to evenly distributed. If one side is too heavy there’s no longer any balance. Also another analogy is like when you’re rolling out dough, if it comes rolled too thin, it can break. So, you can’t always do everything ! And that’s okay. We were never meant to.

So that’s pretty much my advice of how you can balance! I would love to hear how you manage to find a balance and stay organised !!

I hope you have a great day. God bless you !

~ peace, joy & love ♥️.

TK x

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