The Body [You are important]


There’s a beautiful passage of scripture in Corinthians where there there is an explanation of how we are a body of Christ. Meaning that as a body functions , and is made out of many different parts but all are important (1stCorinthians 12:12-31)

We are living in a time where our usual way of living has been disrupted. Often we may not see the significance of someone’s role until they can no longer do it. Just as the body, we can’t say that the only important thing is the eye, because what about the ears, and the mouth and the nose. They all work together. And when one is in pain, the whole body feels it.

As we are a body of Christ, you are so important. You matter. Why? Because everyone has different gifts, and different abilities which are different from the next person. I remember I spoke about it in my embrace series sometime last year, that if you pay more attention to what you don’t have, and the abilities you don’t have you’ll miss out on the blessings and gifts that were put inside you. Furthermore if you spend too much time focusing on what they have, you’ll miss what you can bring!

It’s quite funny, because we often forget that your contribution to the world, as small as you May think it is, you are important, and you’re blessing someone else. I can give myself as an example, a lot of the time I thought I’m just writing for myself. Nobody is really paying attention, until they came a time where I stopped and someone said to me – why did you stop writing? I’m waiting to hear what you have to say, or your encouragements. And I didn’t even think that even one person was reading. A lot of time we wait for the applause of the masses before we do what is within us.

You are so important.

I once smiled at someone, just on the way out of church and someone stopped me and said, “thank you for smiling at me. I’ve been having such a bad day, but thank you.” You have no idea that you just being you, can be such a blessing to others.

Yes you might not be preaching on the highest platforms, you might not be on the frontline, but that doesn’t mean you’re not important too. There was an illustration on how one person leaving the house can contribute to the spreading of a disease to two more people. Those two can spread to two more themselves, and the snowball affect continues. And it works positively too.

I love classical music , and I saw that when you see an orchestra, there are so many instruments and a lot of the time when I saw the full orchestra I wondered what the purpose was of having so many instruments. Until I heard when they were isolated and I could just hear the violin, or I heard the same composition without the violins, or without the cello, it sounded different. So, your contribution matters to this world. You being kind matters. It may not be to the entire world, but you being here can be a blessing to another person. And they can be a blessing to another. And it can spread!

So, this is just my encouragement for you today! You are important.

Have a fantastic day, God bless you !

Peace, joy & love x


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  1. PK says:

    Thanks TK. A Very practical teaching that is very profound. I like it, l learnt something that costs nothing but benefits both myself and others. Such a teaching makes a huge difference to many in such difficult time. Once more thanks TK

    Liked by 1 person

    1. TK says:

      Thank you so much for reading! Have a blessed day.


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