How are you? [Self check up]



Let’s be honest there is a LOT going on. The world, the media, everything everywhere seems to be in a huge frenzy. So I ask you, How are you?

Maybe you’ve not been asked that in a while, or you’ve not sat and processed really how you are, but the automatic “I’m fine”, just comes out. And if you are doing just fine, we thank God for that! Often people we are so much consumed with what’s going on around, we may forget to just ask each other how we’re doing and how we’re coping. So

How are you?

Now a lot of countries are encouraging self isolation, social distancing and staying home – it’s so important that we stay safe, both physically and emotionally. I remember being alone in the house when we had the beginning of the lockdowns in Italy, it could often be really stressing being inside. And I’m someone who quite likes being outside, especially when the sun is out. Even if it’s just for going for a bit of fresh air, or a sit in the park.

I don’t have all the answers, but I can share how I learnt to keep my mental health okay, during lockdown times. Maybe one of those ideas can be helpful to you

1. Keep in touch with family and friends, talking on the phone, FaceTime! Don’t spend days without speaking to others, even if it’s a call or text.

2. Don’t keep windows closed all the time, but as best as you can, let as much light in, and keep your windows open during the day. Just getting that bit of fresh air in can be a world of difference! Creatives – this can be so helpful to keep yourself going and keep your creative juices flowing. If your local government still has the parks open, and they’re allowing you to go for a walk! So long as you’re maintaining social distancing, by all means walk.

3. Do what you enjoy, if it’s your favourite series. Don’t feel guilty about spending a day just Netflix and chilling! Re-read your favourite book. Take this as a time to recharge and relax.

4. Take it one day at a time! Some days may be harder than others, but keep taking it one day at a time

5. Pray, meditate ! Have a healthy outlet, just incase it all feels a little bit too much. There were times that I was struggling even to text or call, but I had to rely on praying, and just saying “God give me strength to get through this day. To be appreciative of my health, and my family and my friends.” And speaking Psalms 91 over my life.

So, this is just a little one – just to make sure you keep looking after yourself during these times. It’s a lot going on, but we can only control how we respond and how we look after ourselves as best we can.

If you can stay productive, please do so. Even if it’s exercising, doing something new, watching new YouTube channels! Or. If you just want to, relax and take a break, take it as a time to rest, catch up with family. Sleep-in a little bit more. What is best for you! And you only.

Wash your hands! Don’t panic, and stay safe.

God bless,

Peace, joy & love x


P.s! There are wonderful services such as the samaritans, which can be there to support and listen during times when it’s difficult!

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