Happy new year! Tips for setting your 2020 goals

DD17030C-EB74-4608-8237-FE57A8F5CA10Happy new year guys!

I hope you had a wonderful Christmas period, and a fantastic New Year’s Eve yesterday.

Just a quick post for you guys, and I do apologise for the lack of consistent posting !

I just wanted to do a quick little encouragement when it comes to your goal setting for this wonderful new decade and year 2020!

  1. Give yourself credit for how far you came last year. I’m sure there’s a few things which you can give yourself a put on the back for achieving last year. Big or small! Well done you!
  2. What have you not completed that you can complete? I think we can often get in the habit of just cancelling everything and starting again, however there are some goals of which maybe were important to you, such as having a stronger savings account. Just because you didn’t achieve it last year, doesn’t mean you can’t achieve it this year. And again, give yourself credit for what you did do!
  3. Set yourself attainable goals. Yes I’m coming for you. As much as I am a person who has faith, you get what you put in. Be realistic and still optimistic about what you can achieve. If you’ve been setting every single year that you’re gonna go to the gym three times a day every single day of the week, and you’re starting from the beginning, it’s better to start small and consistent. Then to build on that. Than to be disappointed for not doing what you wanted to do! It’s better to take small steps everyday than take one drastic step once, and then give up by the end of January.
  4. Stay accountable to your goals! There’s no point setting something you won’t stick to, so at least stay accountable or have someone to keep you accountable. One goal for me I started last year was to make sure I’m reading by bible everyday. So I joined bible plans with others. Completed a 100 day one, just making myself stick to it. Write it down. Keep it somewhere visible. Pray on it. Speak into existence. Tell a friend to keep you on it too!
  5. On that note, if you do have a hiccup, don’t dwell on it or give up. But pick yourself up, shake the dust from your feet and carry on. Okay. We missed the gym, but don’t carry on missing it start again. Keep on going ! You can do this.

So I hope these tips come helpful to you. Be encouraged this new year. It’s a fantastic place to start! Keep on keeping on. Best wishes for week!

~ peace, joy & love


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  1. Petros Kativhu says:

    Profound teaching

    Thanks TK

    Get Outlook for iOS

    Liked by 1 person

    1. TK says:

      Thank you for reading! God bless you.


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