Hey guys!

As I enter in this new stage of my life, being in a completely different place, mentally, emotionally and physically, I’ve wanted to discuss this new word: Reflect/ Reflection. 

Not only in this new stage, but as we are entering a the last season of this year 2019, it’s important to take time and sit and reflect.

Reflect: The definition of reflect think deeply or carefully about. 

Reflection: serious thought or consideration 

When was the last time you had some reflection, better yet – self reflection. I remember I did a post on Realising Toxic traits within yourself, which I think is a step from reflecting! However, reflecting on yourself, on everything going on, doesn’t necessarily mean looking at things which are wrong. But it can also be looking and thinking about something, and realising the positive things!

One thing I like about the definition of reflect is to think deeply or carefully about. I used to believe that me sitting in my room overthinking about anything or everything is reflection. Not necessarily. Because one think about overthinking is that it’s your thoughts spiralling out of control. However, when you’re thinking carefully about something, carefully meaning ‘in a way that deliberately avoids harm or errors; cautiously.’, you’re being deliberate, you’re not harming yourself by over thinking, and hurting yourself, but you’re sitting and reflection purposefully!

I’m gonna say this one more time for the people in the back, overthinking is not the same thing as reflecting.

Alright? And another thing, I liked the word consideration which also means careful thought over a period of time. Reflection is also looking over a period of time!

I want to look at today self reflection.  According to the open university:

” Self reflection is like looking into a mirror and describing what you see. It is a way of assessing yourself, your ways of working and how you study. To put it simply ‘reflection’ means to think about something. ”

So, TK, you’re talking a lot about what it means, talking about a lot of definitions…

But what is the point of reflection, and self-reflection? And how do I go about it?

Introspect, and looking within yourself is so powerful. Also, realise the power of retrospect, looking back within yourself, and learning how you were, and looking at how you are now. One thing I personally learnt is that I have to take time to know myself, before I can expect anyone else to get to know me, and for me to even spend time getting to know others!

Have you ever been asked in an interview of any sort “What are your strengths? What are your weaknesses?”.

Firstly, that question can really throw you off if you haven’t prepared yourself. It’s great to have a look at what you’re good at. Sitting down and think, in a job situation, what am I strong in, is it handing pressure? Is it being organised?

Secondly, it’s often easier when you’re alone to list all the negative things about yourself, and things you’ve wanted to change. And feel like you’re not good enough at doing. In as much as it is okay to want to improve yourself and do better in certain areas, it’s not okay to be self-deprecating and putting yourself down. Let those areas of weakness be areas “requiring improvement”, as a cheesy as that can sound. Thus you’re taking away from the fact that those weaknesses are a part of you and you can’t change. It’s just an area that you’re working on.  And yes, let’s say that you’ve identified an area of improvement in yourself, what have you done to improve that.

Reflection can often highlight our reluctance to change, or to improve, even when you know it’s required in a certain area.

Often it’s easy to point the finger and expect everyone else around us to change. And sometimes it’s honestly not our fault why things happen, it can be because of others. However, the other thing that you can control and change is your own reactions, and yourself.

So, look back and see, this year 2019, what was good, what went wrong, and how can I do better in this forthcoming year, and decade? If you realise you could’ve treated people better at work, then strive to do so. If you see that you were impressed with yourself in another area, continue to do so! Growth is so important, and sometimes we have to step back and reflect for us to really see how far we have come!

Before we write down every single new years resolution we can think of, take time for a second to sit down and reflect!

Have an amazing week!

God bless.

~ peace, joy & love.


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