Happy Sunday! [Again,]  two posts in one day, TK is on a roll…let the church say (Amen!)

I know it was thanksgiving in America, and in the nature of thanksgiving, and as we enter the final month of 2019, I just wanted to take a second to reflect and thank God for the year that’s gone by.

Often we wait for the big things in life to thank God, but I realised this year, the blessing in the small things. You may not have had a huge amount of money, but God provided enough for you even to bless someone else with this year, and that’s a blessing enough. You may have had hard times, but God has still restored your family, and there is still peace.

I want to take us to a story in the bible, Luke 17:11 -19. The story of the Ten Lepers Cleansed. I’ll paraphrase Ten people with the disease of leprosy were far from a distance where Jesus was passing (remember, they couldn’t be with people, as they were deemed unclean due to their disease), and Jesus told them to go show themselves to the priests. When they went to the priests, they were miraculously healed and made clean. When one saw he was healed, he turned back, glorifying and praising and honouring God with a loud voice. Jesus said, weren’t they ten of you? But only one came back to praise God. Jesus told the man that His faith, restored him to health.

Upon reading,you may think that well, since they didn’t ask for the healing directly, so really they didn’t have to come back and say thank you? Well, I for a second thought so also, however, I realised that a lot of the things God does for us even without us asking for. We don’t necessarily ask God to make our heart beat, and our lungs inhale air, or to wake us up in the morning, but He does it anyway. [Note, that the man who came back to give thanks was restored to health!]. There’s a lot that could happen if we could just stop and say, thank you. 

I realised that in this season, especially as Christmas is coming and the new year. We may sometimes forget to stop and say, thank you. Thank you for the little things, as well as the big things. Thank you for giving me good grades, but also thank you for holding off the rain until I got inside, so I didn’t get absolutely soaked. Thank you for a new car, but also thank you for strengthening me when I was too tired to deal with work. Thankful for the things you got and the things you didn’t. There’s so much which I thought I wanted, and got upset when I didn’t get them, however God always comes through and more often than not, will give you more thank you asked for! Or could’ve imagined.

Thank him for the little things too! It’s so important to do so! And having an attitude of gratitude. Be someone who is appreciative, to God and to also people around you. A lot of us now we think we’re entitled to a lot of stuff, instead of realising this is a blessing. Appreciate those around you. I’ve always said that let it not be too late for me to appreciate someone who is kind to me. Let it not be too late.

So! Just a quick one, for the end [beginning] of the week!

Be thankful! Have an Attitude of Gratitude.

God bless you!

~ peace, joy & love x


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