Embrace! Thank you


Hey! and a happy Resurrection weekend to you all <3.

Just a very very quick note, a huge thank you for the love and support with my first series Embrace! I started it wanting to challenge myself in being more consistent with my writing and sharing my jouney, in embracing who I am, other people, where I am curently in life, and my journey. It wasn’t easy, as I was having to first preach to myself! And it’s a process! That’s the beauty of life, it never stays still, it just keeps going whether you like it or not!

I hope it helped, and you enjoyed reading as much as I enjoyed writing!


Have a blessed day, and thank you once more for tuning in!

peace, love and joy x

~ TK


  1. Embrace: Who you are



2. Embrace: Who they are


3. Embrace: Where you are


4. Embrace: Your journey 





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