Embrace: your journey


Happy Sunday! & here’s an early post.

As I write this on my phone, my laptop is “configuring windows updates”, and taking it’s time, saying don’t turn off.

It reminded me of how in my life there’s been times when it feels like the configuring is taking forever, and the insignificant move from 3% to 7% seems to be taking a life time. Others seem to be up and running just fine, their speed is much quicker than mine. We’re all going to the same destination but it just seems mine is taking longer.

Welcome to embrace: your journey.

Now, I used the scenario of a computer loading because I think we can all relate to that. It’s frustrating , and you almost want to give up waiting until it finally loads up! I’m one of those people where I compare. My my and comparison kills! Like really. (It’ll have to be a proper post one day). I’m not sure if the psychology student in me has gotten so used to comparing different aspects, like what we’re taught to do (compare and analyse). And that’s what I end up doing all the time! However, it took me often being in a season of just feeling I’m not going as quickly as others to realise that we are all on our own paths and that’s okay! And I don’t write any of my posts because I’ve figured it out, nor do I have the ‘facts’, it’s a journey and what I’m learning, I’m sharing.

Life isn’t a race. I know often we’re made to feel like we have to compete against each other or there can only be one winner. I call it a lie! That mindset can often have us comparing our own journey with someone else’s without even realising where they’ve come from, how their past has been, what it’s taken them to be where they are now. If you were to have been given the challenges that another person was given in life, you might not have made it out!

However to each we were given what we were given because it was made for us, to build us. To make us grow. If an elephant was to compare itself to a fish, one would think it’s stupid for not being agile underwater, and the other would think it’s lacking because it’s not a land animal. Weird example , but what I’m really trying to emphasise is that you are on your journey. Embrace it. Live every moment. It’s made for you. It’s there for you. How you take it, is to do with then mindset you approach it with.

Yours is personal. Mine isn’t for you, nor is yours for me. The path paved for me, is different from the one for you.  No matter what season you’re in, whether things are going amazing, or things aren’t, looking to someone else’s comparing isn’t going to change yours. Yes admire, yes you can get advice and counsel, but don’t compare your start to someone else’s middle. I heard that quote and it struck something in me. Let me say it again for the people in the back!

Don’t  compare your start to someone else’s middle.

Embrace your journey. Love endlessly, smile always, laugh until you cry! And enjoy it. It’s the only one you have

-peace, joy & love ♥️

~ TK

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