Embrace: Where you are

Hey, guys and welcome back!

Thank you for reading and supporting x

This is the third installment to the embrace series! Embracing where you are.

I wrote a post last week on not having life all figured out, and one thing that came to me is that life isn’t all about the extraordinary moments. They’re fantastic, indeed. However, the beauty which is often missed is the day-to-day inbetweens. Sometimes we consider those as the unimportant aspects, which don’t matter.

Sometimes we may live, just waiting for those extraordinary moments, your graduation, getting married, promotion etc and end up disliking where we are now, as it is not yet where you want to be. Now, please don’t take this as an advocation of remaining in toxic situations, nor to not strive to be more, and to do more. This is just a reminder that where we are, is usually where we’re meant to be.

It’s not always where we want to be, but I do believe there’s a purpose.

I hate having boring days, I hate bad days, who likes them, right? I also hate the sad feeling when you’ve had a great day and you know it’s coming to an end. Life is like that, there’s a collection of good days, bad days and all the ones between, but take it as a comfort and a reminder to appreciate, that this day will never happen again. You will never experience what you’ve just experienced again. If this was a bad day, rejoice that this day will never happen again, let me embrace that fact. If it was a good day, embrace it, as it will never happen again.

The reason why I wrote this part of the series is because I found myself wishing away my university years. I wish it would be done, and I can’t wait to leave. Not realising that I should embrace every moment, because not only did I work hard to be here, and prayed and hoped to be here so bad, but because it’s all working together for building my future. After complaining for a while I realised, I had to change my mindset. I will never experience these years again, being young, without responsibilities and surrounded with the people I have around me.

Now, every day isn’t gonna be fun, I know that, but it’s life. If you don’t embrace it for what it is, you’ll live every day miserable in resentment, and time will pass and you’ll look back to the unhappy years. The power is in the mind. Rather than seeing life and these moments as something you have to endure, try look at it as something you can accept, the good and the bad, and live it anyway. This moment will never happen again. It’ll pass you by. And honestly whilst on the subject of passing you by, I’ve surely mentioned I’m a dreamer, and I can often focus so much on the future, stressing out  about things several years away, that I’m missing out on right now. And someone said that to me, ‘ why can’t you just focus on right now?’. Looking toward the future is great, but don’t be so stuck in the future you’re missing out on the present day. I heard a quote this morning, talking about people who stress so much about tomorrow, they miss the beauty of today. Yes, have your future in your mind, that’s wonderful, but embrace today.

You may not be where you want to be, but you’re not where you were.

Embrace where you are.

You’ll never have this moment again.


Thank you for reading x

Peace, joy and love

~ TK


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