The Mental Wall


Okay, the moment I hear about a wall I’m thinking about Game of Thrones! (of which THE LAST SEASON IS COMING IN LESS THAN A MONTH. I AM NOT READY).

got GIF by Game of Thrones: #PrepareForWinter

Sorry there for the slight digression.

The mental wall.

I didn’t want to write this post, infact I literally had no motivation to do anything these past couple of days. The problem when you rely on your own motivation and your own creativity to find inspiration and to keep going, is that when moments are there and you don’t feel inspired, it feels everything stops. And you reach a wall. I sat for three hours yesterday, trying to revise. Nothing was going in, and my thoughts were then getting easily distracted, pretty useless after a while. So, I tried writing. I kid you not I started and got halfway through the next insert of the Embrace series and I had to delete it, about 800 words. Am I crazy? Probably. I think with anything, if your heart isn’t in it, it shows.

So I wanted to share what I do when I hit the wall, when writers block stands inbetween, or I can’t seem to get inspired by anything, or  procrastination is more appealing than a degree!

  1. Step away. – there is absolutely no point wasting hours just staring at a blank piece of paper, or scrolling through facebook, so step away. I find epecially for essays, stepping away then coming back to them is oftewhat I need
  2. Change your scenary – I find that when I’m in my room all day, it gets really glum, and I end up losing concentration, so at least going to the library, or from the library, going to a coffee shop to study. Changing your environment may be just what you need to wake yourself up a bit.
  3.  Go for a walk – get some fresh airl. I’m pretty sure just being outside makes your brain a bit more active (don’t quote me on that), but there’s a lot more sensory stimulation outside, noise, light and colours, different sounds, textures, and smells. Go outside!
  4. If you work better under pressure, give yourself mini-deadlines before you have the main deadline, setting yourself realistic targests, I think telling yourself you have to finish everything by tonight, for a deadline in three weeks is realistic nor is it probably gonna happen.
  5. Take breaks! No, please don’t just write a sentence, and then leave calling it a break! (that was an indirect to myself), but if you’ve done a reasonable amount, you’re good to go.

This post brought me back to revision lectures from high school before GCSE’s. However. the principles still stand, look after yourself, the grades should follow! And in regards to having writers block, I’m again pretty much with the same advice, however recently I’ve been healthily procrastinating.

I wanted to complete my next two posts in the same day, and I was so uninspired it hurt. I tried writing, it didn’t make sense. It wasn’t working. And when I get frustrated I begin to doubt my own ability, in myelf, in my work – but it happens to the best of us. And it’s just important to maybe try work on something else, maybe a different form of creativity, like paint something new with your nails, or listen to different preachers, and groups. Being around someone who’s in a healthy mode of creativity can cause you to bounce your creativeness off them! It does sometimes work. Take a walk, or do something completely different and take your mind off the wall that we call writrs block. It doesn’t last forever, and soon enough something will bring you back and you’ll find that inspiration, and spark in the smallest way possible”!

Alright, this is my method of healthy procrastination. I’m being productive whilst procrasting my revision.

I will be backwith the next installment! But yeah, God bless

~ best wishes

TK x

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