Embrace: yourself!

17416903-2887-4BB2-B850-D57887DFF15E.pngEmbrace who you are. 

Often we spend so much time comparing who we are to who we want to be. And , while it’s great to have aspirations and set ourselves targets to do better and to be better, we often spend so much time living in the who we would rather be that we miss who we are now. We spend so much time living in who others want us to be we neglect the person we have become. You’re not the same person who you were yesterday, nor are you the same person you will be tomorrow. But if you continuously ignore the day to day growth, you’ll miss out on the wonderful journey which you’re on! 

I started to find myself being reclusive into who I am because I wasn’t sure if it fit into what everyone wanted from me. 

I found that church wanted me to be this way. My family wanted something else. My friends , I wasn’t sure what they wanted but I felt i wasn’t it. 

I’m speaking past because I feel myself distancing with the struggles right now. But I feel it’s a constant battle of am I sure if who I am. Am I too proud to admit I don’t actually know myself as much as I thought I did. 

But I think it’s something I need to pray and allow God to shape me. I think I need to remember I’m 19, correction *twenty now* and allow myself to grow. Find role models. Accept my body the fact I am sometimes emotional and use it for good. Accept that I am kind. And don’t allow the devil to get into my head. 

I heard a message “revelation comes when you know who you are”. The moment negative thoughts invade our mind and begin to damage our self appearance , we stop believing in the fact we are greater than the struggles that life sometimes serves us up on a plate. 

Protect your mind. Protect your ears and eyes and your heart importantly. Guard what you say. Not for the benefit of anyone’s else but yourself. If you’re constantly around negativity and lack of self acceptance, it ruins the progress you could be making. Don’t allow the seed to be planted in your mind and in your heart. Because it really does start with seed of self doubt , then it blossoms, and grows until you really have no room for any positivity in your mind anymore. Protect your mind. See where that thought came from and you have to refuse to allow it to sit and to be planted. 

The reason why I say guard your mouth, is because we often say stuff we don’t even mean, or necessarily realise. “I’m such a mess”. “I’m such an idiot” “I look disgusting”. And I hold my hand, both hands, and say this is me!  It’s something I’m working on, but it’s those things that sometimes may come back to you and your own words are a device against you. Which is sad. I really do believe that words have power so speak positive. Even when you do feel a mess , remember it’s just that. A feeling.  Not a characterisation of who you are. 

Allow yourself to grow. As I said above I had to make the decision to accept the fact I make mistakes. Accept the fact I’m not always gonna get it right the first (or second, or third or twenty-eighth time!), but I am growing. And learning. 

So embrace it ! 

And remember you really can’t please everyone. So why try! You can’t always fit in the box or what everyone wants you to be, so don’t. 

Make the decision to put yourself first. 2019! Year of being self-ish. Putting your self before all the -ish. 😉. Seriously. Though, sometimes we spend so long trying to please people we miss out on the fact we’re pretty miserable in the process. And life is way too short for that. Yes! Be good to others. Yes be kind and help other people. 

But set healthy boundaries, of making sure you’re not pushing yourself down in order to help other people. 

Your journey is unique, please take time and be patient with yourself.

I pray you fall deeper in love with who are becoming  , and that day by day you’re growing into the man/woman/person you were and are destined to be!


P.S writers block is a struggle. Uni can be a struggle (we shall really talk about this on another post!), but God is greater. 

Peace , love and joy♥️. 

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  1. Anmol hussain says:

    You’re amazing girl ❤️

    Liked by 1 person

    1. TK says:

      Aw thank you so much! Glad you enjoyed the post x


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