Becoming Love

Hey guys! Apologises for the fact it’s been so long since I’ve posted. Between university, and chuch, and life, it’s been a hectic time!

But welcome to March!

In February I had the privilege to write a post for the Gosepl Army blog, and I thought I’d reshare what I posted on there, but here. February, as we know is a time of love, and I think that this year especially I’ve been learning a lot too. Not just in loving others but in learning about the love of God.

So, here we are:

The L word.

” February is usually known as the month of love, so let’s talk about love!

The love of GOD.

I’ve heard so many times that Jesus loves me. I mean, we sang it all of our Sunday school days “Jesus loves me this I know, for the bible tells me so..”. 

Love in itself is something people can only use to describe as a feeling , but the act of loving , tends to be a lot stronger, due to the fact that love is a choice. 

Now , I know many people state that you can’t choose who you love , I think the opposite. God chose to love us. He knew that one day these people may let me down. These people will abandon me , then away from me, ignore me , not spend time with me, but chose to love us anyway! 

Love is more than just the feeling it brings, but it’s the decision. He chose to love us. He’s already chosen to love you. Despite anything you may do to us. 

There’s a verse in the bible that states “nothing can separate us from the love of God”.  And I used to get frustrated because there were times I wouldn’t feel his love. There were times I couldn’t hear his love , or see his love. And sometimes, hearing that voice would get me frustrated. If nothing is meant to separate us from the love of God , why do I feel so away from Him, and I do feel that separation from it. 

I realised that it’s never an absence of the love of God, but it’s an absence of the depth of the relationship. God’s love never changes. But we  do. Our habits, what we spend our time doing, it changes. It doesn’t mean God loves us less, but it means we may lack. 

A lack of knowledge. We place God on the same pedestal as any of our other relationships , based on feelings. God is not based around our feelings. God doesn’t change, even when we don’t feel like he’s around. One thing I’ve learnt is not to put my trust into the words of people. People say things that they don’t realise, people will say one thing one day and change the next. 

However, the word of God is the one thing that remains (Matthew 23:35, “Heaven and earth will pass away, but my words will not pass away.”)

What does this mean? 

There will be times you don’t “feel his love”. Feelings can be deceiving. Even our own heart can play us, hence why we have to guard it ! 

But you have to remind yourself of the word which never changes , and think – what does God say about me? Doesn’t the bible say that he first chose me? Doesn’t the bible say that God is love. He is love. Love is patient – God is patient. Love is kind. God is kind. ( 1 Corinthians 13:4-8)

For God so loved the world (that includes me and you, before we were even born), that He gave His only son (John 3:16)

God demonstrates His own love for us, Whilst we were still sinners, Christ died for us (Romans 5:8)

You have to continuously remind yourself that you are loved. Feelings are products of our minds, hormones and based on our present emotions. They aren’t fact. Especially not when it comes to God. 

I once heard a preaching talking about how you view God can sometimes be based on our relationship with others. Another thing I realised is that we tend to base His love on our past experiences. 

We can determine that God doesn’t really love us because _ happened to us. We can look at the fact people have wronged us in life, and people aren’t good to us? Therefore how could God love me ? 

Often , we may look at ourselves and the fact we don’t love ourselves very much, can affect the fact we won’t accept the love of God, which has already washed away your guilt and shame , and things that you’ve done wrong. Which you never had to ask for, it was already there, waiting for you to receive it ! 

I want to leave this with a practical note , that when you do sometimes feel like you’re not as close to God, or you don’t “feel” his Love, remind yourself, that you already are loved. That someone thought that you _*insert your name here*_ are so special, I’m gonna lay my life just for you. That’s how much I love you. 

Remind yourself of the word of God, and fill that in your heart , and just know that what HE says about you, matters more than anything that man could say about you, what uni can say about you, what YOU can say about you. 

Affirm it! Day and night if you have to. 

I am loved. I have been set free. Jesus died for me. And I am whole. 

Walk around with your head held high! Knowing that your redeemer lived and His love reigns. 

Show love to others , and to yourself ! Love is an action. Practice it towards yourself, practice it towards others. Make love a lifestyle. “

One thing I wanted to add to the post, looking on nearly  month since I wrote it, is that you have to become love. Because once you become like love, you’re becoming more like God. Become the epitome of love so that when people around see you, they feel it around them !

Thank going so much for reading ♥️. God bless you ! 

~ TK


(okay side note, this February TK turned 20! *insert dance, praise break!) when I say that it’s only by the grace of God, and I’m so excited to be growing old…


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