Power in perspective

Power in perspective- “I changed my mind”.

2018 is finishing and 2019 is just around the corner. As many of you know, I find reflection is always key, especially when it comes to the end of the year.

One problem I find, is that sometimes we focus so much on the negative, and instead of appreciating the year we’ve had, we want to run into 2019. I found myself wishing the rest of 2018 away, and I was so ready to go to the next year. Running!

Like sis,

“why are u running?”

Of course, no year can be perfect at all ! However, it’s hard to believe that every single day of the year was that awful. I, myself, tend to focus on the negative a lot. And often let that cloud my judgement, and one thing psychology has taught me is that we often remember what we want to remember. Especially when emotions are involved. It can change the way we percieve  things. This can happen with the way we view the year. Bad situations’ happened, fall outs, disappointments, failed friendships and relationships made me think that the whole year was just a huge disappintment.

Honestly, we often hide our own achievements and successes because they were hidden in the shadows of what we view as our failures.

This isn’t undermining the hard times you went through, not at all , but a call to change your perspective. That you don’t get clouded by the negativity the world threw at you, but remind yourself of every single blessing that you have. The days that weren’t so bad! The friends you have, your family around you. Honestly , because without a change in your mindset , you can end up saying “2019/20/21 will be my year” and at the end of them saying how much you disliked it.

Every cloud has it’s silver lining. I can’t forget the many achievements that were in 2018! I made it to my second year of uni after not only surviving but even enjoying first year! I met wonderful people, tried new things, visited new places and enjoyed life too! Although there are things I didn’t do, we can’t live in the regrets of yesterday, otherwise we miss the blessings of today!

One thing I’ve learnt is that you can’t control people, you can’t control the things around you , however you can control your mindset and how you view whatever life throws at you.

Enjoy life the best you can, it’s the only one you get. Live, love , laugh and have peace.

My main points are that don’t live life running from one year to the next. And don’t live life constantly focusing on the negative around you. Realise the positive and the blessings that are around you. Life isn’t always going to be perfect , but it’s about distinguishing the bad from the good and enjoying the good times ! Living in those and making sure your mind doesn’t dwell and hinder you from enjoying yourself.

Have a wonderful new years eve! And a fabulous cross over into 2019! I hope the last couple of days of 2018 bring you joy and happiness.

Best wishes


P.s. I remember that I did say that the next post would be based on trust, however this came into my spirit and  I thought it’s important to get out there before the end of the year! I’ll deffo put the next one up soon though!

Alright now , hasta luego!

tk x


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