A stitch in time saves nine.

I heard a phrase one time, that a stitch in time saves nine. I pondered what that meant, and it took me looking at a coat of mine, of which a stitch came undone. I didn’t really bother sewing it up, but after a while, it continued to grow  until I had a small hole, which was more noticeable than the small undone stitch. A stitch in time saves nine. Had I sewn that up earlier, it would’ve saved me sewing a bigger patch.

What does this mean?

Sometimes we push our emotions to the back of our mind. Our insecurities, our pains, our unforgiveness, the pains in our hearts., as we think it’s okay we don’t need to deal with them. However, things don’t always get pushed away as we think, and once a seed of unhappiness, or unforgiveness is planted in our hearts, it will grow. Things under the surface may not always show that it is hindering us, but will only show under pressure. That’s why we find ourselves that certain issues escalated, all because we didn’t deal with them earlier on.

I had insecurities which were in my heart. And I thought I was fine, I didn’t really need to deal with them “I’m good”. And honestly when you’re living in your own bubble, you can often see a toxic trait as something that is okay, that isn’t something that needs to be dealt with. Until I found myself constantly questioning everyone around me. I was looking negatively at other people because I was constantly thinking the worst of myself. I was angry with the world. Not to mention I had another trait – unforgiveness. I was unhappy, I was insecure and bitter inside. On the outside it may look okay. But deep inside it hurt. And instead of opening up and focusing on where this started and how I could go back and forgive those I was holding onto, and learn how to love myself. I let it build and build until one day I broke. I honestly broke and was hurting people around me. And that’s one thing I realised,. If you’re not careful, you being hurt can hurt other people. You not being secure can cause pain to others too. And that’s not fair.

Holding onto negativity is like holding onto the blade of a knife. The tighter you hold, the more you bleed. The harder you squeeze the more you feel pain.                          You have to let go!

It took counselling, prayer and opening up about what was going on, and that started the journey of healing. And thank God I’m on my way!

A stitch in time saves nine!

So much pain could’ve been avoided, uncessary tears and anger and negative energy!

Open up to healing. Open yourself to love. Love yourself enough to get rid of things that hurt you. Forgive and be free!

Don’t let anything block your peace, including yourself.


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  1. TapiwaLukuta says:

    Hi TK, just happened to come across your blog, lovely thoughts shared here,
    Hope you’re enjoying your learning journey! God Bless

    Liked by 1 person

    1. TK says:

      Thank you so much for reading and your comment! Thanks you and God bless you ♥️

      Liked by 1 person

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