The art of letting go

The art of letting go 

I’m one of those people who want to have control of things and want to map out everything and I get so stressed out when things don’t happen in the way I wanted them to , and not realising it’s not the way God intended them to. 

One thing I find liberating in my faith is that the world turns and that’s out of my control. There is a higher power than I , who has control. And the moment I accepted that and let go, I felt free. Free from the expectations of everyone around me , but from the expectations from myself. 

Don’t get me wrong. Have life goals and aspirations and when an opportunity arises, grab it by the horns and do things to benefit you tomorrow. Work towards a goal , aspire to be great.

However. Sometimes we spend so long in the worry of tomorrow we miss out the beauty of today. We miss out the fact that we will never get this moment again.

This day will never happen again. This can be a liberating thing if your day has been awful and everything went wrong  this day will never happen again.  This  can cause you to stop and appreciate every moment in a happy place because this day will never happen again  

I heard this quote in assembly year 11, “life is a gift that’s why we call it the present”. I laughed and thought how cheesy. Until I started worrying and lost days and days , just because I was stressing about my future. So stressed and that didn’t cause the day to go quicker.

Enjoy each and every moment. 

I received a beautiful message from a lady on linked in we were discussing career advise and the end of her message read ,

“ Hi Tadi, not sure where you are in the world but first step would be to check out local learning and what’s on offer for you. Trust the challenges you’ll be sent; they’re part of what your soul is calling for. Good luck 😉” 

For me it just sent me courage that everything you face in life and will face , you will make it. One step at a time. But in order to run the race you must first walk. And in order to walk you must crawl. In order to crawl you must first stand. And sometimes that standing means leaning on something. Finding your balance and falling. You have to learn to trust yourself. Trust to let go. Trust to fall. And you have to take each step at a time. Don’t run before you can walk. But enjoy the process.

Enjoy each day as it comes

. Live in the moment and be free! Not saying that every moment is gonna be amazing. But find the positive in everything you do. 

Embrace the beauty that is life. You’ll never have this moment again. 

The art of letting go !

thank you again for the love and support. Blessings for the new season ahead ! Remember you have a voice ! Use it ♥️  Bless someone today x

peace and love

~ TK

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