The Key to Happiness – Part One

I was feeling a little glum, coming out of my English exam.

It’s never the best feeling, feeling unsure of how you did. Anyway, I decided to just go home and have a rest. Got home, I was locked out. I decided I had no choice but to come back to college, at least it would be a head start on revision.

Yes, I’m getting to the point of the blog!

Anyway I saw one of my good friends, and I asked him,

You’re always so happy, so positive, so focused, how do you do it?”

And he looked and said

Every morning I wake up, and I know where I want to be. I say to myself, ‘How can I better myself today?’ and if something negative comes, I move away, as I know that I have goals, where I want to reach.”

And I realised that sometimes it’s not even about the things that go on around you, it’s about looking and seeing how you can be a better person, how you can help people, and how to can make today the best day you can, despite the situations and the troubles.

It could be worse, it’s honestly, just a crappy day, but it’s not a crappy life!

Think positive – I mean, you might as well! Can’t make your day any better by grumbling and mumbling and complaining about it (And this is coming from someone who complains…A LOT)

Seriously though.

Positive thinking, is the key to success!

Have a wonderful, happy day

~ Peace, Joy & Love

Tadi x


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Have a wonderful, happy day

~ Peace, Joy & Love

Tadi x

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